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Kedrion is a company that is in the business of helping people help people.

We are a bridge - from plasma donors to those who need our plasma-derived medications.  We are looking for people with the passion and talent to carry out this important and rewarding mission.

Our goal is to build a diverse workforce, providing job opportunities for talented external candidates as well as internal employees who aim to grow with us.  Because our work includes so many interests and skills – from Research to Sales; Plasma Collection to Production – there are abundant possibilities for learning and growth.

The Kedrion Community is a unique combination of family business sensitivity and global perspective. And working at Kedrion is a unique opportunity. Join our community and Keep Life Flowing.

For us Human Resources means more than merely hiring and keeping track of our employees.  Our role involves three major areas:

  • Care for People. Our guiding principle is Respect.  We encourage not only satisfaction and competence, but growth.  Regular, meaningful feedback is provided at all levels to support performance improvement and career development.
  • Company Promotion. HR is committed to playing our part in making Kedrion the very best it can be and to contribute to the company’s development and growth. Among our most promising planned initiatives is the broadening and strengthening of relationships with colleges, universities and secondary schools, developing cooperative programs and internships both locally and globally.
  • Effective Management. Kedrion Human Resources is dedicated to streamlining internal processes, avoiding bureaucracy and unnecessary organizational complexity, and to encouraging transparency.  These efforts can lead not only to a more rewarding and satisfying work experience, but will help the company respond with agility to a changing and demanding market.


Kedrion editorial media

Emilio Iavazzo, Human Resources Manager at Kedrion’s Bolognana plant

The ongoing commitment to developing Human Resources at Kedrion Biopharma and its production plants, from Tuscany to the United States, from Naples to Budapest, passes through Bolognana, the center of our industrial system. "From the outside it is difficult to imagine how much effort Kedrion puts into not only finding talented new people, but also into ensuring their continual development within the company. READ THE STORY


Kedrion editorial media

Alberto Pagano, Manufacturing Technical Services Manager at Kedrion Biopharma’s production plant in Gödöllő, Hungary

At Kedrion Biopharma, transferring technology means transmitting the technical capabilities gained from our long experience in the sector, together with the valuable knowledge assets of our company culture. “Back in Gödöllő in 2008, we were pioneering the exportation of Kedrion’s working methodologies. And we relished the challenge.”