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Kedrion editorial media

When we say that people are the heart of Kedrion, that extends to the people who work with us as well. "From the outside,” says Emilio Iavazzo, HR Manager at the plant in Bolognana (Lucca), “it is difficult to imagine how much effort Kedrion puts into not only finding talented new people, but also into ensuring their continual development within the company."

After experience in the automotive industry, in 2011 Emilio chose to embark on a new career path with Kedrion, assuming the role of Human Resources Manager at our Sant’Antimo production facility, in the province of Naples. "I like to explain the choice I faced this way: Kedrion offered me a position of greater responsibility, with large opportunities for personal and professional growth, in the context of a fast expanding company that aspired to develop from a domestic and family business to an international player. The opportunity to be part of this change, to be able to ‘shape the change’, for me was a decisive motivation."

Four years have passed. After two years at Sant'Antimo, Emilio transferred to take on the same role at the Bolognana production site, the center of Kedrion’s industrial system. In April 2015, he also took charge of managing Human Resources for our Supply Chain: “Today, I have a 360-degree view on Kedrion’s Operations - ranging from the planning of production lots, to ensuring that global Quality System requirements are met, and to the distribution of our end products on the market - which is further  enhanced by the work relationships that many of Bolognana’s employees daily entertain with their colleagues in other plants, mainly Gödöllő and Sant'Antimo. Many things have changed, and we have managed to change many things, which is especially satisfying, because in a factory it’s never easy to get good results when you make lots of changes. The proof of our success is the fact that today, at Bolognana, everyone from managers to operators talks about job rotation: the company has managed to instill a new way of thinking, based on a positive culture of change. People are inclined to accept interesting new challenges and we, for our part, are ready to listen and transform the messages that come to us from our employees into ideas for the continuous improvement of our business processes."

One thing, however, has never changed: “The mission that the company asked me to take on has always been to add value at the production site where I worked and, despite Kedrion’s rapid growth in a highly challenging environment, to continue to treat each individual as a Resource, with a capital R, paying particular attention to the continuous development of the professional skills of every person who works with us. This incredible passion for people, that I feel myself and that I encounter constantly at Kedrion, is the thing that, every day, allows me to say 'My work is making a difference’.”


Kedrion editorial media

“I have always considered working abroad a great opportunity for personal and professional growth,” says Alberto Pagano, today Manufacturing Technical Services Manager at Kedrion Biopharma’s production plant in Gödöllő, Hungary. “When I first joined Kedrion Biopharma and I worked in the Bolognana plant, I put my name down for work experiences outside Italy. The company took me up on it in 2008, when I was entrusted with overseeing the validation of a fractionation process put in place by one of our commercial partners in Belgium.”

A few months later, Kedrion acquired HUMAN BioPlazma (HBP), the Hungarian national provider for plasma derivatives. HBP had a production facility in Gödöllő, near Budapest, and Alberto was made part of the team Kedrion assembled for the project.  “At the beginning we used to travel to Hungary regularly, to visit the plant and to evaluate processes, particularly with regard to Quality, and the state of all equipment. Next, when we launched the HuGE project (Hungary Gödöllő Expansion, ndr) to create a new fractionation line, my involvement increased to the point that I relocated permanently to Hungary.”

It was the first full-scale technology transfer project developed entirely by Kedrion, and Alberto became the leader on the ground, operating directly at the receiving site. “We felt like pioneers, because for the first time Kedrion was exporting more than a single skill or piece of knowledge: it was transferring its entire working methodologies. And we relished the challenge.”

In 2011, with construction of the new Fractionation Line 3 completed, Alberto bought his own home in Budapest. He chose to live in the rolling green hills on the outskirts of the city, where he can step out his door and practice his great passion – cross-country running – in which he has competed for many years, first in Italy’s Garfagnana forests and now, with the same enthusiasm, in Hungary.  “We thought we were going to go abroad and replicate every aspect of our systems back in Bolognana. But we were wrong. Today I can say instead that we wouldn’t have obtained such outstanding results if we hadn’t adapted our model to the local context. And if we had not felt, strongly and from the beginning, the total support of headquarters, together with our Hungarian colleagues’ involvement and openness, which allowed us to overcome any cultural issues with relative ease.” This included the language barriers: “Every now and then my colleagues address me in Hungarian. I take it as proof of how highly valued I am, so much so that they consider me to be 100% part of their team, and part of their community.”

HuGE was the first step in a process that led to a complete transformation of the Gödöllő plant, which today uses the Kedrion method for its entire fractionation process. Alberto Pagano was appointed the plant’s Industrial Coordinator, and today, as Manufacturing Technical Services Manager, he continues bridging the distance between Kedrion headquarters and Hungary.  “I am proud that I was chosen to help the company implement and optimize its working methodologies in a facility abroad. It has been a very enriching experience, personally and professionally. I think it has also added a great deal of value to the company, and I hope I can put these skills to work in similar projects in the near future.”