16th International Hemophilia Congress in Turkey

The 16th International Hemophilia Congress took place in Turkey from 14th to 17th April. Kedrion Biopharma worked alongside business partner ONKO to educate – by means of a dedicated scientific symposium – on the main inhibitor prevention and eradication strategies, highlighting the role of plasma-derived FVIII.

The Symposium was chaired by Dr. Hale Ören and Dr. Göksel Leblebistan, and speakers included Prof. Bülent Alioğlu and Prof. Alessandro Gringeri, Chief Medical and R&D Officer of Kedrion Biopharma.

"Inhibitor development is the main complication in the treatment of hemophiliacs," explained Prof. Alessandro Gringeri in his speech, "and it has very significant implications. There is evidence, including the SIPPET study, that the use of plasma-derived Factor VIII enriched with von Willebrand Factor may reduce the risk of developing inhibitors. On the other hand, once the inhibitor has been developed, it is crucial trying to eradicate it with the only therapy currently available, the immune tolerance induction, which has a high success rate and which, once the inhibitor is eradicated, allows the patient to resume prophylaxis with FVIII. It is worthwhile to continue discussing this with the international medical community," Gringeri concluded, "because, for the benefit of patients, we must all agree on best practices and standards of treatment."

The Congress was organized by Turkey’s two main Hemophilia societies, and was attended by local and international experts in Hemophilia and hematology. It was an opportunity to talk about the treatments currently available in Turkey, and to discuss the future of this therapeutic area.

A Kedrion Biopharma delegation attended the event, testifying the company's dedication to Hemophilia patient associations and the medical and scientific communities that – every day, locally and internationally – are committed to researching, diagnosing and treating those affected by Hemophilia or other coagulation disorders.

In this context, the importance of educational activities on Hemophilia was highlighted with an exhibition space dedicated to the "EIGHT" project, the global educational initiative on Hemophilia and its treatment. EIGHT’s first conference was held in Budapest, Hungary, in Fall 2018, thanks to an unrestricted educational grant by Kedrion Biopharma. The EIGHT booth at the event in Antalya featured the interviews with international Hemophilia experts filmed during the Hungarian conference.

“I believe EIGHT is an extremely important initiative – not only for the medical community, but also for patients and their families – as it facilitates global exchange and collaboration on Hemophilia education and the facts of Hemophilia, from the latest projects to the results of the most recent publications”; stated Prof. Kaan Kavakli, President of The Hemophilia Federation in Turkey.

The last day of the Turkish Congress took place on World Hemophilia Day, which is celebrated worldwide on April 17th. On this occasion, Kedrion reaffirmed its commitment to expanding access to plasma-derived therapies in Turkey.

Prof. Bülent Zülfikar, President of The Hemophilia Society of Turkey (TRHD) went on to add: “The first Turkish symposium entirely dedicated to Hemophilia dates back to 1993. Since then, our country has taken many steps forward in this therapeutic area, and I am really proud to be here, in Antalya, for the 16th International Hemophilia Congress. With each passing year, this international appointment has been increasing successful in achieving its primary objective of providing the medical-scientific community with updates on diagnostic and therapeutic advancements, while meeting patients and their families’ growing demand for information”

Every day, Kedrion works to support the associations of patients with Hemophilia and other coagulation disorders worldwide.

In recent years, Kedrion has joined the European Hemophilia Consortium (EHC) PARTNERS project, an initiative aimed at improving access to treatment for coagulation disorders.

In Italy, on the occasion of XV World Hemophilia Day 2019, Kedrion played a leading role in the meeting entitled: "Hemophilia: a disease that is more unique than it is rare," which was held on April 15 at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome and organized by FedEmo in collaboration with the Italian Association of Hemophilia Centers (AICE) and which was attended by members of all the local Italian patient associations, institutions and the press, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health. The meeting focused on the application of the State-Region Agreement on Congenital Hemorrhagic Disorders (MEC).

Kedrion also supported the Paracelsus Foundation, which was the organizer of the event entitled: "Four steps from reason to emotion," held on April 17 at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan The symposium offered a rational approach to the emotions experienced by health professionals who face physical and psychological suffering every day, while at the same time attempting to include these types of personal challenges within the professional framework of medical knowledge.

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