Supporting our people

Kedrion’s commitment to the welfare of its employees goes beyond health and safety.  We believe that education is fundamental to human development and that personal growth should be fostered irrespective of its influence on company growth (though, in fact, it is usually beneficial).  Our company training programs encourage a wider perspective on company activities, while also anticipating and fostering opportunities for advancement by recognizing and supporting special skills, practices and ambitions.

At Kedrion we believe that shared decision-making in the workplace not only empowers workers, it also makes for better decisions, and that personal and professional growth requires challenges as well as the opportunity to challenge.

Our history as a small, family company is reflected in our present and guides our future. We recognize and encourage a balance between work and home.  We honor diversity while seeking common values.  And as we grow as a company we emphasize the need for an internationalist perspective that is increasingly fundamental to our planet’s survival.

Kedrion:  We are about people.

Scuola Kedrion

Kedrion understands that to Keep Life Flowing it is necessary to keep knowledge flowing.  The communication of ideas, experiences, practices and values is essential to our mission as well as to the development of a vibrant and effective company.

The Scuola Kedrion provides Kedrion’s top and middle level management access to academic, theoretical and practical training.  It also provides a means to develop and communicate corporate awareness, identity and culture, ensuring that common values and consistent practices can be assumed throughout the corporation.

Currently more than 200 Kedrion leaders take advantage of the opportunity to learn and refine concepts and skills directly relevant to their careers at Kedrion but applicable across the broader business world.

Seminars at Scuola Kedrion are presented over one or two intensive days and are offered four or five times per year. Subjects range from specific business practices, to so-called “soft” skills like problem-solving and leadership.  These “mini-courses” are taught by top business and management scholars and practitioners.  In addition Scuola Kedrion provides managers at all levels intensive courses in business English essential to their duties.  In some circumstances these courses are taught one-on-one.

As Kedrion continues to grow into an international presence, the Scuola Kedrion will play a crucial role, opening its academic doors to Kedrion management and stakeholders from around the world.  Its curriculum will be increasingly dedicated to establishing and propagating a common corporate culture and consistent practices and values across the international Kedrion landscape.   Its mission is to Keep Knowledge Flowing to help Kedrion promote the Flow of Life.

Fondazione Campus of Lucca

The Scuola Kedrion is an important project of the Fondazione Campus of Lucca, a private, non-profit institution involved since 2003 in higher education and research in business, tourism and language instruction.  The campus is nestled in the beautiful Tuscan hills rising just outside of Lucca.  This provides an ideal place for members of the wider Kedrion community, including donors, donor associations, patient associations, healthcare professionals and representatives of the Italian Health Service, to meet and share their knowledge and experience.