Central to all the activities of Kedrion, from research to production, is plasma.  But this “raw material”, this “natural resource”, is not mined or distilled or fabricated.  Plasma comes from people. Donors.  Volunteers who contribute a precious gift so others – people they most often never know – can live better lives.

You might say that Kedrion is in the business of
helping people help people.

Why they donate

Why do people donate? Plasma donors give for many reasons.  Some have friends or relatives who have needed plasma-derived medicines and therapies; some have needed such derivatives themselves. Many feel it is a matter of contributing to society. Although donors in some countries are compensated for their time, this minimal remuneration is not likely a major incentive. People feel good about themselves when they donate.

Plasma supply


Since 1975, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for all countries to strive to achieve self-sufficiency in blood and blood products, including plasma. The European Union has reinforced this goal with its own directives starting in 1989, calling for “Community self-sufficiency in human plasma”.  Kedrion strongly supports this goal. It is proud to partner the Italian Health System, where self-sufficiency is in sight, and it is dedicated to assisting other countries in their efforts.

Keep Life Flowing


How can we help ensure an adequate supply of plasma for the needs of people everywhere? How can we contribute to achieving the goal of self-sufficiency everywhere? Kedrion seeks to increase donor participation by making donation easy, comfortable and safe and by educating donors about how their donations help Keep Life Flowing.

Kedrion owns collection centers in the US and Czech Republic.