Expertise is acquired through many paths: mentors, models, research, study…  But they all gain meaning through experience.  For Kedrion our long collaboration with the Italian National Health System has provided us with valuable experience – and broad expertise – in pursuing self-reliance in plasma-derived therapies.  In addition, our continuing experience in expanding our operations internationally, with vigorous research, visionary development and innovative implementation of  technologies, has further expanded our expertise.

The kinds of expertise we have acquired often come by way of learning from others.  This is what is behind our commitment to share  – to pass forward, as it were – what we know to other healthcare systems, communities and countries wishing to develop a more robust and sustainable plasma-derived product supply.

Our Experience – Our Expertise

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Our expertise resides in a number of areas. We have built fractionation and production facilities from the ground up as well as modernized acquired facilities. Similarly, we have developed innovative new drugs and have improved on the production of existing medicines. Our plants take advantage of the most current technologies and procedures and we have instituted dedicated departments and systems to continuously monitor and continually improve the quality and safety of our products and processes.

Our philosophy is that every activity at Kedrion should be accomplished at the highest level of safety, quality and innovation today and that we expect to improve upon that tomorrow.