Biological Safetry Centre BIOSC, the innovation selected by “Italia degli Innovatori”

The Biological Safety Centre BioSC will take part in the “Italia degli Innovatori 2011/2012” project, an initiative promoted by the Italian Government to showcase an Italy that can do innovation and our country’s excellent technological achievements. 

BioSC, a centre specialising in viral validation studies which has been working at the Kedrion’s plant in Bolognana (Lucca – Italy) since 2010, is actually one of the “innovations” selected by the Italian Government along with another 258 Italian companies, universities, research centres, scientific and technological parks.
The “Italia degli Innovatori” project, which was first presented at Shanghai Universal Expo in 2010, in particular will bring the selected companies on a mission to China (from 27th October to 4th November, 2011) and then on a mission to Russia (from 5th to 9th March, 2012). The purpose is to showcase a high-tech Italy, which is capable of innovating and being an industrial partner on the international markets.
The general schedule of the two missions BioSC will be entitled to take part in includes a multimedia exhibition and some bilateral meetings. On one hand, through the selected companies, the exhibition will tell about Italian innovation, placing emphasis on the cultural, scientific and technological viability of our country; while, on the other hand, the high-level bilateral meetings between the participants and the main Chinese and Russian institutions and business organisations will help make Italian innovation known far and wide.
The core business of BioSC are viral validation studies, more specifically “studies for inactivation/removal of viral and non viral pathogens (prions) for biological and biotechnological productions” for in-house and outsourced services. Its mission is to respond with full capabilities to the current and future requirements in terms of safety from biological contamination, with a view to the consistent innovation and continuous improvement of its services. 
Through Kedrion’s experience in the area of biological product safety and plasmaderived product safety in particular, BioSC has now the expertise it needs to implement studies about processes for inactivation/removal of pathogens from biological materials, with the support of the most innovative molecular biology techniques and of specialist cellular biology technologies.
BioSC laboratories respond to the double purpose of making Kedrion independent in its safety studies that had been commissioned to external laboratories and so far becoming a national and international safety landmark for all those who need to conduct viral validation studies on their products or processes (manufacturers and suppliers of biological and biotechnological products and devices or auxiliary products to be used in biological and biotechnological productions).
The centre, which has been awarded the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Certificate from the Health Ministry, is the result of Kedrion’s sound experience in plasmaderived product safety and the expertise gained through working with national and international industry leaders and regulatory organisations.

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