Kedrion – Update on Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Since the beginning of this emergency, Kedrion has kept people at the center of its actions, taking all the measures deemed necessary to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and their families while minimizing possible risks on its business continuity.

Presently, we are not facing any specific pressures on our global chain of sourcing, manufacturing, stocking and distribution, and this is valid for all our products and geographies.

Our plasma collection network is operational, both in the US and Hungary, and we have implemented all measures to guarantee the health and safety of our employees and of donors who donate in our centers.

At the same time, hundreds of Kedrion people are dedicated to producing our medicines, first and foremost those employed in our manufacturing plants in Italy, Hungary and US: at this moment all of Kedrion is deployed in protecting its production sites and its workers – often from home – and will do everything in its power to continue to safeguard the health of our colleagues on the ground while guaranteeing continuation of its business activities.

We are very confident towards Kedrion’s robustness and capacity to serve patients as usual, but we continue to monitor the situation hour-by-hour as the development of the emergency is very fluid and subject to rapid changes.

The international medical-scientific community, as well as the major associations in our sector, including the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), has emphasized that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that COVID-19 is a concern for the safety of plasma protein therapies. The stringent controls on plasma donors and on donated plasma and the established processes of virus inactivation and removal during the manufacture of plasma-derived products guarantee significant safety margins against this virus.

Our drugs are essential for the life of people who, in many cases, do not have adequate alternative therapies: now more than ever it is our duty and honor to guarantee supply to these patients, ensuring that we are able to produce our vital therapies while safeguarding our employees, donors, and our communities as a whole.