EIGHT, the global educational initiative on Hemophilia A and its treatment

EIGHT is the global educational initiative entirely dedicated to present and the future of replacement therapy for Hemophilia A. Seventy Hemophilia experts from fourteen different countries of the world gathered in Budapest, Hungary, on 12-13 October to attend this initiative’s first event, the EIGHT 2018 Conference, and discuss key issues such as prevention and eradication of alloantibodies (inhibitors), immune tolerance induction and personalized prophylaxis. The conference has been made possible thanks to a Kedrion Biopharma unrestricted educational grant.

“It is well known that Hemophilia is currently witnessing great advances related to the management of this rare disease”, explained EIGHT 2018 Scientific Director Prof. Pier Mannuccio Mannucci. “Nevertheless, the cornerstone for Hemophilia patients is still represented by replacement therapy which has a specific unrivalled role, actions and characteristics, and this is the core concept discussed at the meeting. The aim of this conference was to provide all attending physicians with an update on «hot topics» in hemophilia in this time of innovations, enabling them to improve further their day-to-day care and follow-up of hemophilia patients”.

Conference updates, testimonies, photos and videos will be online at EIGHT2018.com.

For more information please contact: [email protected]