Fighting diseases of the new-born: Kedrion attended UENPS conference

From 11th to 14th December, Athens hosted the 4th International Congress of UENPS (Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies). A tight cross-disciplinary programme offered a chance to present the latest studies and provide updated findings about the treatment of fetuses and newborn babies in critical condition, in order to raise awareness of innovative care systems and cutting-edge methods. Kedrion also attented and the Congress was a great opportunity to exchange views, review fruitful partnerships between local, national and international players, and to help build healthcare systems for any community, even those where needs are more complex.

“We defend the right of all mothers to be mothers and the right of all children to be children”, Professor Giuseppe Buonocore, UENPS President, stated. “It was an extremely high-profile conference with guests from over fifty different countries. An unprecedented opportunity to share views with specialist centers, research workers and industry players that are now being involved through C.U.Rh.E. (Consortium for Universal Rh-disease Elimination), working to prevent the Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and NewBorn through universal access to Rh screening and prophylaxis”.

In addition, a Short Athens Marathon Race was held on December 14 as part of the two-yearly UENPS congress, in conjunction with the Municipality of Athens and with Kedrion’s support: the citizens covered five kilometres along the streets of the Greek capital, as the heralds of a positive message about the fight against the Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and NewBorn (HDFN), one of the most frequent causes of death in newborn babies or abortion. “Rh incompatibility can be defeated” –Christine Jendrsczok, Kedrion’s Global Anti-D Coordinator, added. “Events such as this one are a way to forcefully assert this, by raising public awareness of the importance of prevention through regular medical checks, early diagnosis, and anti-D immunoglobulin treatments.”


The C.U.Rh.E. Consortium (C.U.Rh.E.) – The Consortium for Universal Rh-disease Elimination is a group that includes partner centers, research scientists and industry players, set up to defend the right of all mothers to be mothers and the right of all children to be children by preventing the Rh-disease of the Newborn through universal access to Rh screening and prophylaxis. C.U.Rh.E. builds evidence, develops and implements innovative global strategies by raising awareness and reducing the burden of disease, by improving medical outcomes for women and children.

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