Increased product range: studies on Fibrin Glue just started

Kedrion’s initiatives to strengthen and extend its market share are going on.

With the start of its clinical trials on fibrin glue, the company started a plan that, if these trials prove successful, should enable it to market the new product in 2011.

In order to extend its product range, the company started clinical trials on the use of fibrin glue in pulmonary surgery (as a sealer) and liver surgery (as a haemostatic).

The first trial, that began on September 24th this year with the enrolment of the first patient, will be conducted on approximately 170 patients in cooperation with the Thoracic Surgery Division of Ospedale Careggi, Florence; the second one, conducted on approximately 200 patients, has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the coordination centre Ospedale Maggiore of Bologna, pending authorisation from the Hospital.

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