Kedrion: AIFA’s incentives to seven investment plans

AIFA, the Italian Medicine Agency, will give the incentives planned under the 2008 framework agreements to seven investment plans submitted by Kedrion, a biopharmaceutical company which is the national leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of plasma derivative medicines.

This accolade by AIFA – which has allocated 3,184,025 euros’ worth of resources to investments for the three years 2007-2009, that is, investments that have already been made or planned by the company – is further evidence of the viability of the company’s product and process ongoing improvement and commitment to research and innovation.

The largest share will pay off the 2007 investments in the productive site of Bolognana (Lucca) (an area for defrosting raw materials for the production of FVIII), which are to be completed in 2008 (viral validation laboratories) or planned for next year (the new immunoglobulin manufacturing unit). In addition, subsidies have also been allocated to the research project for the development of a new immunoglobulin (IgG) purification process designed to increase output. Incentives have also been earmarked for investments in new products, in particular the development of a new hyper-immune immunoglobulin preparation that will add up to the immune-prophylaxis and immune-therapy portfolios for preclinical studies on ATIII and phase-I and phase-II clinical tests on human anti-tetanus intramuscular immunoglobulin, nano-filtered Factor IX, human immunoglobulin anti-hepatitis B and human Plasminogen. 

Finally, AIFA will grant incentives to research on plasma proteins, Plasminogen, Factor II, Factor H, ADAMTS-13 and Factor V, and clinical tests for the treatment of the rare disease Ligneous Conjunctivitis with Plasminogen.

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