Kedrion announces more factual, long-term role in Africa

In keeping with its mission, Kedrion increases its efforts within the African region, which needs strong strategic support in healthcare, and above all in plasma-derived therapies.

Bearing this in mind, the company attended a number of events in sub-Saharan Africa in July and August: Kedrion’s Central and Southern African business partners joined a training programme in Harare, Zimbabwe; Kedrion participated with an exhibition area and a symposium at the Yearly Conference of the African Society of Blood Transfusion*; finally a delegation from the company attended the Congress of the Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria, helping to make doctors, healthcare professionals and patients of the largest African country more aware of the diagnosis and treatment of the different forms of hemophilia.

Expansion on the African market is a goal that “has a strong social and public healthcare value as well as being a business opportunity for us – Larry Guiheen, Chief Commercial Officer at Kedrion, stated – and it requires a complex strategic plan that must be built around the uniqueness of a continent which includes over fifty countries, that are economically and culturally very different from one another”. Currently, Kedrion is mapping the consumption of plasma-derived products to select its priority actions, by conflating the countries that share similar languages and geographical locations.

In addition, Kedrion keeps developing very specific programmes to support the existing patients’ associations, such as the World Federation of Hemophilia and the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, as well as promoting some newer initiatives, including programmes to eradicate the hemolytic disease in new-born babies.


* All costs and necessary authorizations have been wholly covered and managed by Kedrion’s local business partner, NewAvakash International

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