Kedrion CEO took part in “Italy meets the USA” summit on February 10, 2015

Paolo Marcucci, Chairman and CEO of Kedrion Biopharma, took part in the “Italy Meets the United States of America” summit at the Bloomberg HQ, in Manhattan, New York, on February 10, 2015. Organised by the Italian Business and Investment Initiative in partnership with the Aspen Institute Italia and The Council for the United States and Italy, the summit’s theme was “Italy: we are open for business” and aimed to open Italy up to new trade relations with the United States and to advertise new opportunities for the US to invest in our country.

The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, and a large number of executives from major corporations emphasised the investment opportunities that Italy may offer, especially after the new reforms it has started to implement to update and revive the country’s appeal. Important experiences were shared by the businessmen and managers of SMEs whose success-stories have been built on an internationalisation process, in high-tech, pharmaceutical research and biotechnological industries. In this scenario, Paolo Marcucci was called to tell about Kedrion: “We were born as a family-run company, and we have been working as Kedrion since 2001. We have started an internationalisation process whereby our expansion on the Hungarian market remarkably increased our productive capacity. In 2011, we made our debut on the US market, and, one year later, we acquired a small division of Johnson & Johnson. Such enthusiasm for the success of the Italian pharmaceutical industry – the CEO concluded – can certainly be shared and is a source of pride for those who, like us, work in an sector that is absolutely strategic to our country”.


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