Kedrion renews its commitment to PID patients at ESID 2018

Kedrion Biopharma will attend the Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID), which is taking place in Lisbon from 24 to 27 October.
The objective of this biennial event, which is now in its 18th edition, is to improve awareness of the treatment of Primary Immunodeficiencies, by promoting scientific research and early diagnosis.
Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PID) include more than 350 rare genetic disorders caused by an improper functioning of the body’s immune system. In Portugal, these diseases affect 0.7 in every 100,000 people.
“We have been working for the last decades to increase awareness of these rare disorders and we have been successful at least in the pediatric field,” states Laura Marques, pediatrician specialized in the treatment of Primary Immunodeficiencies at the Centro Materno-Infantil du Norte in Porto. “Pediatricians now are aware of the existence of these disorders and want to know more about them. I began to work in this field 30 years ago – explains Dr Marques – and since then the situation has improved a lot, but we have a huge work to do with adult physicians: they are not completely aware of the fact that – even though Primary Immunodeficiencies are congenital – these disorders can present in adults.”
A major impact on improving the quality of life of people facing rare diseases can be achieved by working together, as hard as possible, to meet patient needs.

This is the basis of Kedrion’s commitment to supporting IPOPI, the International Patient Organization for Primary Immunodeficiencies, specifically with the development of PID Genius.
PID Genius, which is the first APP developed by PID patients for PID patients, was launched in 2017 to provide assistance and practical support to patients suffering from these diseases.  At the ESID 2018 Conference, IPOPI will present an updated version of this APP, which is now available in multiple languages and offers new features.

“IPOPI is really pleased to provide PID patients with this updated and improved version of PID Genius,” says Martine Pergent, IPOPI Vice Chair. “With the addition of four languages we hope to reach even more patients across the globe and help them better manage their conditions.”
This year, the collaboration between Kedrion and IPOPI will be further enriched, thanks to the Company’s support to the PID Champions Awards Ceremony, an initiative that represents an invaluable forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas among representatives of patient organizations throughout the world who have come to Portugal to give a voice to people living with these diseases.

“Improving the quality of life of patients living with a form of Primary Immunodeficiency and increasing awareness of these rare diseases are two primary objectives for Kedrion – declared Ivan Marjanovic, Therapeutic Area Lead Immunology&Neurology at Kedrion Biopharma”. “This edition of the ESID, which is being held in Portugal, is an extremely valuable opportunity to demonstrate the company’s commitment in the industry and to continue our collaboration with patient associations, not only through our support and sponsorship, but through ongoing daily dialogue.”  
Kedrion has been operating in Portugal since 2010, through its subsidiary, Kedrion Portugal, distributing plasma-derived medicinal products mainly to hospitals (public and private) and meeting approximately 15% of local needs. 
In Portugal, the plasma proteins market is estimated to be worth 54 million euros.
The therapeutic areas that Kedrion serves in Portugal are Hemophilia, Immunodeficiencies and Critical Care.
The Company has always been committed to a strong relationship with patient associations. Since 2015, Kedrion has been one of the major partners of APDIP-PID, The Portuguese Association of Primary Immunodeficiences, and one of the main supporters of the PID Group within SPAIC (The Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology). Kedrion has also supported the APH, Portuguese Hemophilia Association, since 2011.

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