Kedrion Statement on the novel Coronavirus

In accordance with international, national and local authority guidelines, Kedrion has acted immediately in dealing with the epidemiological emergency linked to the spread of the novel Coronavirus, and has taken all necessary measures to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and guarantee continuation of business activities.

Paolo Marcucci, Chairman & CEO has stated: “As is our duty Kedrion continues to do its utmost to combine the need to safeguard the health of our workers and their families with production of our products. Our drugs are essential to the life of those who use them and who, in many cases, do not have adequate alternative therapies: now more than ever it is our duty and honor to guarantee supply to patients, who represent one of the most vulnerable and exposed groups in our society.”

Moreover, in those countries worse-effected, such as Italy, employees have been encouraged to work from home as far as possible, and work-related travel has been reduced to a minimum; an existing, consolidated use of digital technology for long-distance communication and cooperation has made it easier to adopt these changes. All competent authority guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene-health measures, aimed at containing the impact and spread of this epidemic, have been encouraged and meticulously implemented throughout our plants and other locations

The international medical-scientific community, as well as the major associations in our sector, including the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), has emphasized that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that COVID-19 is a concern for the safety of plasma protein therapies. The stringent controls on plasma donors and on donated plasma and the established processes of virus inactivation and removal during the manufacture of plasma-derived products guarantee significant safety margins against this virus.

Kedrion continues to follow the development of the situation in all countries very closely and, based on the epidemiological development of the illness and the indications of the relevant authorities, will update the measures taken to date as required to ensure we are able to produce our vital therapies while safeguarding our employees, donors, and our communities as a whole.

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