Kedrion supported the XI World Hemophilia Day

Sport is the symbol of social life and fitness. Nowadays, with increasingly tailor-made prophylactic treatments, patients suffering from blood coagulation conditions can practice most sports, at any level, with no complications. As much was re-stated this year during the XI World Hemophilia Day celebrations, which Kedrion supports and appreciates as a great opportunity both to raise awareness of congenital hemorrhagic conditions all over the world, and to offer its support to all those whose lives are affected by them.

In Italy, Kedrion celebrated WHD 2015 jointly with FedEmo (Federation of Hemophilic Patients’ Associations), which on Monday, 13th April was invited by CONI to speak of hemophilia and sports at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. “In sports too – commented Ferdinando Borgese, International Marketing Director of Kedrion –, prophylactic treatments prevent the onset of hemophilic arthropathy and dispel the fear that sports traumatology could play a role on the arthropathy itself. The establishment of therapeutic standards, as much in Italy as in the rest of the world, is an effort that Kedrion is engaged in, alongside the institutions, the clinical community and all hemophilic patients.”

Sports and hemophilia also took centre stage at an event organised by Kedrion in Colombia: along with its partner Fiac Farmacéutica, Kedrion celebrated World Hemophilia Day by involving the patients of the Cúcuta region in a day of outdoor activities that included a 5km marathon and a painting contest for children.

In the United States, Kedrion took part in the Yearly Meeting of the Hemostasis & Thrombosis Research Society, in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 16th to 19th April. To celebrate WHD, Kedrion – for each person to visited its booth at the meeting – made a donation to the Hemophilia Federation of America.

Finally, on 26th April, as the perfect ending to the WHD 2015 campaign, the town of Voltri, near Genoa, will be hosting ‘Concorriamo Insieme 2015’, a challenge – now in its third year – that the Hemophilia Centre of the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa and ARLAFE (a not-for-profit organisation for congenital hemorrhagic conditions patients in Liguria) organise to raise local residents’ awareness of coagulation diseases and the problems associated with these, as well as to provide better assistance to those affected by them.

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