Kedrion supports World Blood Donor Day

With the slogan "Give the gift of life, donate blood", today June 14th has been proclaimed World Blood Donor Day, first celebrated by the World Health Organisation in 2004 to coincide with the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the discoverer of blood groups, to raise people’s awareness of the importance of donating blood.

In Italy too, the Day is celebrated by all Blood System professionals with a number of events in Italy and one message to thank those people who already do it.
Kedrion shares the ethically-valuable choice made by the Italian Blood System, which relies on the collection of blood and plasma from unpaid voluntary donors from several associations and federations and confirms today that the company is on the side of the donors’ world, with which it has always cooperated to support and promote the excellent standard of the Italian model.

“We think it is essential to listen to the needs of the donors’ associations and federations – Danilo Medica, Kedrion’s Italy Country Manager, explained – to promote their key role in the Italian Blood System”. “Right now, we are supporting donors’ associations and federations through a training and information process, in the attempt to improve the quality and effectiveness of the entire System”.

Kedrion is a partner of the National Health System with which it shares the key goal of becoming self-sufficient in plasma-derived products made from plasma collected in Italy for the treatment of rare diseases, an area that is crucial to the country’s health.

“The company is in the forefront of research into the best technology that enables it to make the most of donations – Danilo Medica went on – and it makes continuous investments in research and development in order to find new products and new clinical applications of the existing ones, to maximise that valuable material that is plasma”.
With the support of all Blood System professionals, nowadays the service for the conversion of Italian plasma into plasma-derived products has achieved such an excellent standard that it is at the top of the list of the world’s best self-sufficiency plans.

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