Advocating for equal access to health care – Hemophilia in Mexico 


In Mexico, 5,000 people have Hemophilia, but only half of them receive adequate health care.

The problem is twofold: on one hand, there is a lack of disease awareness from both patients and doctors; on the other, there is a scarce availability of coagulation factors.

Patients are often treated for injuries, traumas, or hemorrhagic events but are not given regular prophylactic treatment that greatly improves their quality of life.

Meet Hemophilia patients, mothers, doctors, and patients’ associations representatives as they describe their journeys with Hemophilia and their hopes for better treatment plans in Mexico.


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  • It gives me a lot of hope when I listen to the doctors talking about how treatments are advancing. I think to myself, ‘Well, when I have children, they won’t have as many problems. They won’t go through what my dad went through.

    – Haydée – daughter of a Hemophilia patient
  • I’ve recently changed hospital. I’m now given enough medicine for the whole month, so I can inject myself twice a week. You can actually live a relatively normal life now. It has been a total transformation.

    – René – Hemophilia patient
  • To all the first-time mums who are just starting out and who have little babies: don’t worry. It all comes down to knowing how to look after them and leading a normal life.

    – Claudia – Mother of Hemophilia patient

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