The Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany Daniela Scaramuccia visits Kedrion’s plant in Bolognana (Lucca, Italy)

The Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany, Daniela Scaramuccia, visited Kedrion’s plant in Bolognana (Lucca, Italy), with Simona Carli, Regional Director of the National Blood Centre of Tuscany. They were received by Paolo Marcucci, President and CEO of Kedrion, along with the company’s management.

It was a particularly important visit for Kedrion, since it was the first official opportunity to show the Councillor the excellent technological standards achieved by the Bolognana plant and describe the Group’s key role within the Italian System for self-sufficiency in plasma-derived products.

“We confirm we are willing to improve our cooperation with the Regional authorities of Tuscany – Paolo Marcucci stated – and make the most of the synergic relations we have already put in place, in an effort to more and more effectively meet the requirements of the Region and the entire Italian System”.

Firmly placed among the global industry leaders, with products in over 60 countries across the world, Kedrion is the Italian leader in the development, production and distribution of biologics made from industrial plasma fractionation.

“Our leadership in Italy – Marcucci explains – is based on a wealth of positive experiences and consistent relations of mutual trust that are definitely worth improving”.

“My visit to Kedrion pharmaceutical company – the Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany, Daniela Scaramuccia, stated – goes to show how interested the Region of Tuscany is in this important manufacturing company, that has its headquarters and its largest production site in the province of Lucca. As a contractor working for the Regional authorities in the processing of plasma for the production of plasma-derived products, Kedrion has very close business relations with the Regional Health System of Tuscany. Today’s meeting has been an important opportunity to exchange views about the development prospects of the pharmaceutical industry, and the Region of Tuscany is very interested in hearing about the current issues”.

Kedrion’s growth strategy, and especially its efforts in research and development, were described during the meeting. “Kedrion Group is strongly innovation-oriented – Marcucci said – and follows a consistent research and development investment plan with a view to developing new products and innovative technologies”.

Regional Councillors Marco Remaschi and Ardelio Pellegrinotti, the Mayor of Gallicano, Maria Stella Adami, and the Mayor of Barga, Marco Bonini, also participated in the visit to the Bolognana plant.

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