First official visit of the Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany, Luigi Marroni

Yesterday, the Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany, Luigi Marroni visited Kedrion, an Italian leading biopharmaceutical company and also one of the top worldwide companies in the development, production and distribution of plasma-derived products. The Councillor, who was on his first official visit, met Paolo Marcucci, Kedrion’s President and CEO.

Hon. Marroni visited Kedrion Group’s main production site of Bolognana, near Lucca, where most of its Research and Development operations take place and which, thanks to substantial investments in the improvement of both its production processes and areas, now holds the industry’s best quality standards and highest level of innovation.

The day spent at Kedrion also offered an opportunity to present in detail to Hon. Marroni Tissuelab, a company owned by the Marcucci family which was founded in 2003 and is the first private company licensed by the National Health Authorities (the Health Ministry and the National Transplant Centre) to process donated musculoskeletal tissue on behalf of Italian and European tissue banks.

“For Kedrion – stated Paolo Marcucci – this visit has been an important opportunity to exchange views about potential developments regarding the self-sufficiency of regional plasma-derived products. The aim is to raise awareness in our Region and generally all over the country for an effective optimisation of the use of such medicinal products”.
“On our part – Marcucci went on – we confirm once again that we are most willing to strengthen our cooperation with the Region of Tuscany and the synergisms that are in place, in order to effectively meet the requirements of the Region and the entire Italian Blood System, also in view of next year’s opening of the market”.

"This meeting is an important opportunity to share our views about the potential development of the pharmaceutical industry, which, at this particular time, are extremely interesting because of the changes that are currently being planned regarding the enforcement of European accreditation regulations and new tenders in the area of plasma-derived products – said Luigi Marroni, the Regional Health Councillor for Tuscany –. My visit shows how keen the Region of Tuscany is on manufacturing businesses, especially this business, which has its headquarters and its largest industrial site in the Province of Lucca, and transforms gestures of solidarity of so many donors into medicinal products that are extremely important for the treatment of patients within all of Italy’s Health System. Every year, through the generosity of its donors the Region of Tuscany collects approximately 70,000 kg of plasma, which, once industrially processed, provide Tuscan hospitals with extremely important medicines, such as albumin, immunoglobulins and coagulation factors, including some so-called life-saving drugs".

Kedrion, which has recently had Fondo Strategico Italiano (Italian Strategic Fund) entering as a new shareholder and whose products for the treatment of haemophilia, immune-deficiencies and other severe conditions are used in over 60 countries across the world, is at the head of a Group of over 1400 people, 700 of whom work in Tuscany. In 2011, Kedrion Group’s turnover totaled 277.3 million euros.

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