Kedrion supports Italy’s first Jeffrey Modell Paediatric Immunology Centre

With a three-year donation, Kedrion supported the creation of the first Jeffrey Modell Paediatric Immunology Centre in Italy. As a matter of fact, from now on the Paediatric Immunology Centre of Meyer University Hospital in Florence will be part of the Jeffrey Modell Centres network for the diagnosis, treatment and research of Primitive Immune Deficiencies (PID) that brings together Centres of Excellence in Immunology all over the world.

The “Dedication Day,” the unveiling ceremony held at Meyer University Hospital in Florence to celebrate the new Jeffrey Modell Centre, was also attended by Kedrion, with a speech by Dr Claudia Nardini, Product Development Director, about Kedrion’s role in primary immune deficiencies.

“We are really proud of being partners to this project – explained Paolo Marcucci, Kedrion’s president and CEO –, because it is part of a partnership in which we have been supporting the Jeffrey Modell Centres for years”.
In addition to its three-year funding, Kedrion contributes to the project through the work of its researchers and specialist. “With the birth of Italy’s first JMF Paediatric Immunology Centre – Marcucci added –, Kedrion shows its commitment by supporting young patients suffering from immune deficiencies, scientific research and education in the field”.

The event was also an opportunity for Kedrion to highlight the importance of voluntary blood donation, a gesture that, by turning into plasma-derived products, enables patients to have sustainable access to treatment all over Italy.

Meyer’s membership of the Jeffrey Modell network will enable the facility to hit several targets. The Florence-based Centre will not only be able to further develop the treatment and management of Primary Immune Deficiencies (PID), but, relying on its decades-long experience that led it to develop the international patent it is the holder of, it will also be able to become the national hub of newborn screening for immune deficiencies, acting as a consulting centre for those paediatric facilities that might need it.

Vicki and Fred Modell founded the Jeffrey Modell Foundation in 1987, in memory of their son Jeffrey, who died at the age of 15 from complications of Primary Immune Deficiency. JMF is a global non-profit organisation specialising in early diagnosis, treatment and care through research, public awareness raising, patient protection and continued clinical support. Over the years, JMF has set up a wider and wider support network, clearly and quickly providing exhaustive information about such diseases and acting as a care and support network for the treatment of PIDs. The JMF network includes 518 experts, 196 research and diagnostic centres in 191 cities in 68 countries, which have discovered 44 new immune deficiency-related diseases over the last 5 years. Membership of the network is very selective and limited to centres of excellence. Italian members of the JMF network are only the Adult Immunology Centre of Policlinico Umberto I in Rome and, from now on, the Paediatric Immunology Centre of Meyer Hospital in Florence.

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