The Jeffrey Modell Foundation visits Kedrion

Today, Vicki and Fred Modell, founders of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, met Kedrion’s management in the company’s headquarters in Castelvecchio Pascoli. JMF is an international non-profit organisation founded in 1987 in memory of their son Jeffrey who died at the age of 15 from complications of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI), and works to help patients affected by rare diseases and their families, and to support research in this field.

Kedrion has recently strengthened its partnership with the Jeffrey Modell foundation by endorsing a three-year donation in support of the opening of the first Jeffrey Modell Paediatric Immunology Centre at Meyer Hospital, in Florence, a centre that was unveiled yesterday, 1st October.

Over the years, JMF has developed a global network of international centres of excellence for clinical treatment and research into care and therapy, in partnership with hospital and academic centres, which now include 518 Expert Physicians at 196 Research Diagnostic and Referral Centers in 191 Cities, 68 countries and spanning 6 continents.

“We are proud – stated Paolo Marcucci, Kedrion‘s CEO – to welcome Vicki and Fred Modell to our company today. Our partnership with JMF enables our Group to continue and increase our social work for the development and support of paediatric immunology in Italy. The project of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation – stated Marcucci – has been designed to do something concrete in the treatment and management of rare pathologies; we are pleased to give our contribution and, through our partnerships with the academic world, the scientific community and the institutions, to be involved in the creation of a virtuous circle for the development and dissemination of knowledge in this area”.

Later in the morning, the Modells visited the production plant in Bolognana (Lucca), which is Kedrion Group’s main production site, where most Research and Development operations take place, and the Pascoli House Museum in Castelvecchio.

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