Grifols transfers to Kedrion the management of the plasma fractionation plant of Melville (USA), owned by Kedrion

Kedrion announces that, effective 1st July, 2013, Grifols S.A. will complete the transfer to Kedrion of all the operations for managing the plasma fractionation plant of Melville, State of New York (USA), owned by Kedrion. This action is part of the agreements entered into in 2011, included in the Consent Agreement of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approving Grifols’ acquisition of Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc.

Kedrion acquired the Melville plant in 2011, as part of an operation relative to the purchase of certain assets from Grifols and to the commercial and manufacturing agreement between the two companies.

The FTC Agreement allowed Grifols to manage the Melville facility for a period of up to four years. Although Grifols is now transferring management of the fractionation facility to Kedrion, Grifols will continue to obtain certain intermediate fractions from the New York production site.

Kedrion and Grifols confirmed that they will work together to ensure a smooth and successful management transfer process, especially the transfer of the employees at the Melville facility, whom Kedrion welcomes most wholeheartedly.

Kedrion is pleased about the completion of this operation, which is a milestone in its expansion on the international markets and in the increase of its manufacturing capacity, and which, above all, strengthen its presence on the North American market.

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