Kedrion and IPOPI: the journey continues at the 2022 IPIC

Following two years of events being held exclusively in remote due to the pandemic, the IPIC International Congress organized by IPOPI, now in its fifth edition, took place from April 27th to 29th in Vilamoura, Portugal with attendance in-person. 

As well as bringing together in person the global community of patients suffering from Primary Immunodeficiency (PID), the event took on another, new meaning by being held during the same days as the World PI Week, which is held every year from April 22nd to 29th with the scope of improving acquaintance with and increasing awareness of this group of rare diseases.   

As a Platinum Sponsor Kedrion Biopharma is proud to have supported the 2022 IPIC Congress, one of the main international appointments committed to stimulating medical-scientific debate on the most current key issues in this field.  Of these, access to treatment remains the principal challenge, which has become even more pressing because of the shortage registered over the past two years of Immunoglobulins, due to a significant reduction in blood collection on a global scale linked to the fear – and understandably so – that donors have had of being exposed to the risk of contagion. 

In addition to participating with a stand and a large delegation of international guests, Kedrion organized a scientific symposium entitled “PID patients and scientific community medical needs” which was held on April 29th. The meeting, chaired by Dr. Susana Lopes da Silva (Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa) and by Dr. Laura Marques (Centro Hospitalar do Porto), was attended by a panel of experts with the intent of encouraging continued updates in diagnosis and clinical practice.  Results of the Phase III clinical study on our investigational 10% Immunoglobulin, assessed in adult PID patients,  were presented at the end of the symposium. 

Our participation in the IPIC Congress is just a new leg of our journey alongside the International Organization of Primary Immunodeficiency Patients: a solid and lasting collaboration which, year after year, continues to be enriched with projects and activities, as witnessed by our support of the development and launch of 4ID: the mobile app developed by IPOPI to help patients worldwide suffering from Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiency monitor their individual state of health with greater ease.   

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