World Hemophilia Day: Kedrion’s commitment

As every year on the occasion of World Hemophilia Day, which is celebrated worldwide on April 17th, Kedrion renews its commitment to take care of patients, in addition to supporting their families and associations. 

Access for All: Partnership. Policy. Progress. Engaging your government, integrating inherited bleeding disorders into national policy” is the theme chosen by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) for this edition, to underline the need to guarantee equitable access to treatment for patients worldwide.  This is a very current and important issue which closely recalls our mission to promote the widest and most equitable possible access to treatment for Hemophilia sufferers or other bleeding disorders.  

To this end, as underlined by the WFH on this date, it is necessary to increase public opinion and awareness whilst bringing this group of rare diseases to the attention of the institutions.  

With this intent Kedrion, in Italy, supported the round table entitled “Make perspectives happen”, organized by the Italian Federation of Hemophilia Societies (FedEmo) under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, which took place on April 11th at the Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome.  The event focused on analysing and discussing the main aspects regarding the Rare Diseases Bill approved recently by Parliament, with the aim of drawing up a proposal for an implementational decree to safeguard the existing network of national Hemophilia Centers, in addition to getting them accredited at regional level in accordance with the State-Regions Conference on congenital hemorrhagic conditions (MEC) dated May 2013. 

Still in Italy during 2021 we continued our commitment alongside patient associations and the medical-scientific community, supporting various initiatives aimed at improving patient envolvement in their treament, including: the multidisciplinary project “Words in Hemophilia: towards Patient Engagement” which was conducted by the “EngageMinds HUB” Center of the  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano from 2020 to the end of 2021; and #KoalaACasaTua, a home delivery service for medicines for the treatment of hemophilia, part of Koala, a Patient Support Programme (PSP) by Kedrion, aimed at those suffering from Congenital Coagulopathy and carried out by IQVIA Patient Solution.

Our commitment alongside the world of patients knows no bounds.  And it is with this intent that we have renewed our support of the World Federation of Hemophilia as a Corporate Partner Program, backing WFH programs focused on increasing the number of diagnoses and guaranteeing more equitable and sustainable supply programs in all those geographical areas where still today the minimum therapeutic standards fail to be met.

Kedrion has continued to collaborate with the National Blood Center and many Italian Regions since 2017 in projects aimed at supporting disadvantaged Countries.  These initiatives promote the export of plasma-derived medicines in excess of national requirement, in order to guarantee the ethical and rational use of plasma collected in Italy. 

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