Kedrion presented at plasma fractionation workshop in Saudi Arabia

A “Plasma Fractionation and Hemovigilance Workshop” took place in Riyadh on March 15th and 16th.

The event was aimed at sharing national and international best practices on plasma collection and fractionation to support further developments and key decision making in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It was organized by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Arab Authority for Blood Transfusion operating under the umbrella of the Health Department in the general secretariat of the League of the Arab States, and in cooperation with Blood Banks Friends Charity (Damy).

Invited by the Faculty to share its knowledge and experience in this field, Kedrion was represented by Commercial Director, Intercontinental Ferdinando Borgese.

In his speeches, Ferdinando first gave an overview on current trends and future perspectives for plasma-derived therapies, then he entered in more details on our company’s long-standing experience with contract manufacturing and self-sufficiency programs in support of communities and health systems around the world.

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