Turkey, Kedrion supports the XVII International Congress on Hemophilia

In the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kedrion Biopharma has reaffirmed its solidarity with the world of patients suffering from hemophilia and other coagulation disorders, as well as continuing to promote the teaching and training of the international medical and scientific community.

As evidence of this commitment, 2020 will close with the support and participation of our company – through our Turkish subsidiary Kedrion Betaphar – in the XVII International Congress on Hemophilia being organised in Turkey by the country’s two leading scientific companies in this therapeutic area. The event, which will be held virtually on December 18-20, will bring together leading local and international experts in the field.

In addition to participating with a virtual stand, Kedrion will support the scientific symposium “Why do we still need FVIII in the current era?” scheduled for December 20. The symposium – moderated by Prof. Kaan Kavakli, President of the Hemophilia Federation in Turkey – will discuss the present and future role of replacement therapy in the treatment of Hemophilia A, with a specific focus on pediatrics. In fact, the symposium will feature two sessions: a presentation by Alphan Küpesiz, President of the Mediterranean Hemophilia Association in Turkey, and a presentation by Mathew Prasad, MD, Sr. Director – Medical Affairs: Head of Hematology at Kedrion Biopharma.

Moreover, during the second day of the Congress, Mirella Calcinai, Clinical Research Director of Kedrion Biopharma, will take part in a scientific session entitled “Rare Factor Deficiencies”. The topic will also be covered in an oral presentation which will illustrate the results of the phase II/III clinical study conducted by Kedrion on a particular rare pathology.

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